Bycatch and Discards in Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO)

Project Overview:
Eric Gilman (Hawaii Pacific University, HI, USA)
GRANT AWARDED: October 2010. Many species, such as seabirds, sea turtles, marine mammals and sharks, are caught as bycatch in fishing nets. This project will analyze the current bycatch management practices held by the 18 Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO) that govern high seas fisheries, and identify deficits and inconsistencies, as well as priority areas in need of improvement. In September 2012, Dr. Gilman and his co-author Kelvin Passfield presented a new report on global bycatch at two conferences in Asia -- the Seafood Summit in Hong Kong and the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea. The report is titled Performance Assessment of Bycatch and Discards Governance by Regional Fisheries Management Organizations. See below for a "report card" based on this study, as well as a link to the full report.
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Research Summaries

Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO) oversee the management of fisheries that are not confined to the waters of a single nation. Among their tasks is to mitigate adverse effects of bycatch and discards. This "report card" looks at an August 2012 report assessing the performance of 13 RFMOs in governing bycatch and discards

August, 2012
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Regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs) play a critical role in global fisheries governance. This study is a performance assessment of governance of bycatch, including discards, by 13 RFMOs, regional bodies with the competence to establish conservation and management measures for marine capture fisheries.

August, 2012
Published Papers

Gilman, E. 2011. Bycatch governance and best practice mitigation technology in global tuna fisheries. Marine Policy 35(5): 590-609.

July, 2011