Research Reports


This workshop was held to further the establishment and development of a management and monitoring plan for a Ross Sea marine protected area (MPA) by identifying the research and monitoring needed to resolve uncertainties concerning the effects of the toothfish fishery and climate change on key components of the Ross Sea ecosystem.

September, 2012

Regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs) play a critical role in global fisheries governance. This study is a performance assessment of governance of bycatch, including discards, by 13 RFMOs, regional bodies with the competence to establish conservation and management measures for marine capture fisheries.

August, 2012

The most comprehensive report to date on forage fish biology and management. It finds that fisheries managers need to pay more careful attention to the special vulnerabilities of forage fish and the cascading effects of forage fishing on predators.

April, 2012

Volpe, J.P., M. Beck, V. Ethier, J. Gee and A. Wilson. 2010. Global Aquaculture Performance Index. University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

October, 2010

King, D. 2010. Enforcement and Compliance in U.S. Commercial Fisheries: Results from Two Recent Studies.

August, 2010

Rosenberg, A., A. Acosta, E. Babcock, J. Harrington, A. Hobday, C.B. Mogensen, et al. 2009. Use of Productivity-Susceptibility Analysis (PSA ) in Setting Annual Catch Limits for U.S. Fisheries: A Workshop Report.

May, 2009