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New Research Shows Risk of Shark Attack Way Down

California coast shark encounters have dropped by 91 percent since 1950.

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  • National Fisheries Meeting to Emphasize Importance of Big Picture Management

    This August, Lenfest Ocean Program grantees will participate in the American Fisheries Society’s 145th annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. Scientists from around the U.S. will present the latest in marine and freshwater fisheries research and management practices, including more than 100 symposia and dozens of additional contributed talks, presentations, and poster sessions. Read More

  • Predicting Gulf Menhaden Population Levels

    Gulf menhaden are a small, schooling fish species that provide a critical link in the ocean food web. Similar to its counterpart in the Atlantic, the Gulf menhaden fishery is one of the largest in the United States. However, determining appropriate catch limits is a complicated task because scientists have been unable to predict how reducing the number of fish in the water will impact the... Read More

  • Forage Fisheries Often Catch What Predators Eat

    Some of the world’s largest fisheries target the same part of the food chain as many ocean predators, adding to a growing body of evidence suggesting that catching “forage fish” may negatively affect seabirds, marine mammals, and large fish. This latest result is from a study supported by the Lenfest Ocean Program and published in the August 2015 issue of the peer-reviewed... Read More

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