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About Us


Charlotte Hudson


Charlotte Hudson directs the Lenfest Ocean Program, a grant-making program that identifies, supports, and communicates marine science that concerns threats to the world’s oceans. She is responsible for identifying thematic areas of research and overseeing the design and implementation of research projects that meet the criteria of the Lenfest Ocean Program. She also oversees the communication and dissemination of research results in ways that inform policy decisions and promote the sustainable management of the oceans. Before joining the Lenfest Ocean Program, Hudson served as the senior marine scientist at Oceana, where she was responsible for coordinating protected-species policies and integrating scientific research and policy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Davidson College and a master’s degree in environmental management from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

Angela Bednarek

Project director

Angela Bednarek is a project director in Pew’s environmental science division. She develops strategies for enhancing and assessing the policy relevance of the division’s research investments. This includes developing scholarship and convening scholars and practitioners on improving the connections between science and policy. Before joining Pew, Bednarek was an AAAS diplomacy fellow at the U.S. Department of State, where she negotiated U.S. positions on multilateral development bank projects and chemicals agreements, and served as the U.S. representative to the U.N. Dams and Development Project. She has held several fellowships in environmental policy, including at Columbia University. She received a doctorate in biology from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Ben Shouse


Ben Shouse works on Pew’s environmental science division on science policy outreach. He helps scientists identify policy audiences for their research and helps create products and strategies to engage those audiences. In his former career as a science journalist, he wrote about environmental issues for the Argus Leader newspaper in South Dakota and freelanced for Science magazine. He holds a master’s degree in ecology from the University of California, Davis and a graduate certificate in science writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He also has worked as an editor for the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Sarah Close


Sarah Close is responsible for identifying new project ideas and managing grant-making within the Lenfest Ocean Program’s climate and oceans portfolio. Previously, she worked in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Program Office, first as a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow and then as a special projects manager. At NOAA, Sarah developed expertise in climate adaptation, usable science, and program management, working primarily on the Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments and Coastal and Ocean Climate Applications programs. This work provided insight into the federal landscape of climate research and funding. Sarah received a bachelor’s in biology and environmental studies from Bowdoin College and a Ph.D. in Zoology from Oregon State University.

Jason Landrum


Jason Landrum is responsible for identifying new project ideas and managing grant-making within the Lenfest Ocean Program’s wildlife and ecosystems portfolio. Before joining Pew, Jason served as the Science and Technology Advisor for the USAID/El Salvador Mission, where he provided technical and strategic direction on environmental and economic development issues. He also spearheaded Mission-wide efforts to integrate science, technology, innovation, and research into USAID development activities across Central America. Landrum previously served as an AAAS fellow and senior scientist for the Marine Debris Program at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Landrum holds a bachelor’s in earth systems science from Cornell University, a master’s in international affairs from Georgia Tech’s Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, and a Ph.D in biological oceanography from the School of Biology at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dana Rollison


Dana Rollison is an associate with the Lenfest Ocean Program, where she is responsible for investigating policy landscapes, identifying key stakeholders for outreach engagement, and creating targeted materials and strategies to disseminate project results. Before joining the Lenfest Ocean Program, she worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council, the North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve, and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions on a variety of marine conservation issues at the nexus of science and policy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in coastal environmental management from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

Elizabeth Striano


Elizabeth Striano has spent over 15 years working on science communications and outreach, helping scientists ensure that their research results reach a broader audience and have an impact, and translating complex concepts into accessible language for a variety of audiences. Striano has worked with scientists all over the world; municipal, state, and federal agencies; environmental organizations; consulting firms; and industry. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications from the College of New Jersey, a master’s degree in biology/environmental science, and is nearing completion of a doctorate in environmental science and policy.

Jazmine Moore

Administrative Assistant

Jazmine Moore assists the Lenfest Ocean Program with meetings, logistics, travel, and expenses and is responsible for supporting all executive level functions. Prior to joining the Lenfest Ocean Program, Jazmine supported members of congress and executive level congressional staff, assuring efficiency, consistency, and accuracy among the leadership team. Jazmine holds two degrees, the first in the arts for the study of hospitality management at Baltimore International College, and the second in science for business administration from DeVry University.