Lenfest Ocean Program

Supporting Science and Communicating Results


About Us


Angela Bednarek, Outreach Officer

Angela ensures that Lenfest Ocean Program project results are disseminated to decision makers and interested audiences through the production of reports and summaries, as well as scientific briefings and other events.
Angela Bednarek

Rachel Brittin,Communications Officer

Rachel is the primary contact for reporters, producers, and writers interested in covering the Lenfest Ocean Program's research. Rachel also coordinates with other staff on broader communications and outreach through video and Web.
Rachel Brittin

Lindsay Cooper, Senior Associate

Lindsay manages the Twitter handle, @LenfestOcean, and supports outreach efforts for the Lenfest Ocean Program.
Lindsay Cooper

Kristen Erickson, Associate

Kristen manages grants and contracts for the Lenfest Ocean Program.
Kristen Erickson

Shannon Green, Officer

Shannon identifies new focal research areas, projects, and investigators for the Lenfest Ocean Program to support by networking with a broad range of scientists and managers working on emerging issues in marine fisheries policy. She also manages research projects that the Program currently supports.
Shannon Green

Charlotte Gray Hudson, Director

Charlotte is responsible for identifying thematic areas of research and overseeing the design and implementation of research projects that meet the criteria of the Lenfest Ocean Program. She also oversees the communication and dissemination of research results in ways that inform policy decisions and promote the sustainable management of the oceans.
Charlotte Gray Hudson

Ben Shouse, Senior Associate

Ben works on outreach for the Lenfest Ocean Program, supporting the production of outreach materials, scientific briefings, events at scientific meetings, and the website.
Ben Shouse