Lenfest Ocean Program

We've named our planet Earth, yet 71 percent is covered by ocean. It regulates our climate, provides us food and sustains life itself. But even though it is vast, the ocean is still vulnerable. To understand how people have impacted our oceans, science is critical.

In 2004, the Lenfest Ocean Program was created to understand the impact that fishing and aquaculture have had on the ocean. Today, the program supports a variety of scientific research on marine policy-relevant topics and communicates the results to decision makers and other interested audiences. Its mission is to support the development of a body of science that will serve as the foundation for informed decision making. The program strives to support timely research that can be either incorporated into ongoing marine policy discussions or used to initiate new dialogues.

You can learn more about the Lenfest Ocean Program on our website at www.LenfestOcean.org and follow us on Twitter at @LenfestOcean.